Pompton Lake (at Lakeside Avenue)

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Lakeside Avenue
07442 Pompton Lakes , NJ 41° 0' 19.206" N, 74° 16' 57.2088" W

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Lakeshore launch puts you south of the Lakeside Ave bridge and more towards the open water. It's quite flat at the lakeshore side and a little more choppy as you go across the lake. Both putins are on the Pompton Lakes (the town) side of the lake and Oakland is on the NE corner while Wayne is on the SE corner.

Beware of some serious falls on the south side of the lake. There are buoys there to warn boaters to stay away, probably some decent current there too so boaters beware.

Army Corps of Engineers have completed deepening channel of upper lake in Oakland They are now working on the dam at the south end of the lake. Dam is severly constricted, and it does not take much rain to rise to flood stage. Early April 2004 rain left a debris line at least 20 feet up shoreline of Lakeside Park. Work not expected to be completed until end of 2006.

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Park closes at dusk. No fee.

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  • From North

    • I287 South to exit 57 (Skyline Drive).
    • Bear left on exit ramp toward Pompton Lakes.
    • At stop sign, cross northbound lane of Skyline Drive to merge into southbound lane of Skyline Drive. (Use caution, the intersection is confusing, and cars are traveling at high speed.)
    • Proceed straight under I287; the road is now called West Oakland Avenue. Follow directions from below starting at step 3 (See ***).
  • From South
    • I287 South to exit 57 (Skyline Drive).
    • At traffic light, make right RIGHT on West Oakland Avenue.
    • *** Proceed 1.5 miles to Perrin Avenue (on Left) (Watch speed at 25 MPH which is heavily enforced) (Note that West Oakland Avenue changes to Colfax Avenue at some point along here.)
    • LEFT on Perrin Avenue and proceed to stop sign. DO NOT cross the bridge that goes over the lake! Also use caution at this intersection as there are no stop signs for opposing traffic both ways.
    • Bear RIGHT and then straight across to Lakeside Avenue.
    • Within 1/10 mile, you will see a gazebo, with a small wooden building, in a small park on the shore of the lake. The entrance to the parking area and launch site is just before this on the left.
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You cannot park at the launch, there is designated parking one block away. Unload your boat and then turn right on Lakeside, and make next Left on Schuyler Avenue. Watch for yellow signs to identify boat trailer parking.
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Trash Receptacle