Farrington Lake

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299 Hardenburg Lane
08816 East Brunswick , NJ 40° 26' 23.1252" N, 74° 28' 1.5636" W

Farrington Lake is 290 acres. Long, narrow and serpentine in shape. Depth varies from 1 to about 22 feet. Average depth is about 6 ft. The area is frequented by fisherman, (many of whom fish from land/bridges or electric motor boats) canoers and kayakers. Swimming is not permitted. 

There are 3 bridges crossing the lake, which can easily be paddled under. The Shoreline is mostly wooded or residential. 

Heading North under the Washington/Hardenburg bridge the lake opens to its widest point. After the bridge, there is a dirt spit that sticks out into the lake. Here there are some submerged railroad pilings that are easily avoided. There is a small almost completely walled cove next to Bicentenial Park, and a few smaller coves. The Lake continues down to the North Brunswick Dam at Farrington Park Conservation area. There are warning markers near this large, concrete structure. The drop off is great, do not attempt to paddle past the warning markers. 

Heading south from the Church lane bridge, there are lots of lillypads, with ample room to navigate between them. Plenty of turtles and Heron are found in this area. As you head south to the Davidson's Rd. bridge, the water becomes narrower and shallower, with trees overhanging the banks. After this bridge the water is very shallow to the base of the small Davidson Mill fall. Above the Davidson's Mill dam is the smaller Davidson's Mill pond. 

There are 2 restaurants on the lake. Sir John's across the lake on Washington St, and Lorri's lakeside across the lake on Church lane. There is the Church lane general store a short walk up Church lane away from the lake. 

Seasonal Public Restrooms are available in Bicentenial Park.


Alternate Launch site:


  • Alternate putin at Church Lane.

    • After crossing Bridge (From directions above), the road is now called Hardenburg lane, then Oakmont. Follow to end at Riva Avenue.
    • Right on Riva Avenue.
    • Parking area is on right at Church Lane intersection (after Lake Vu day camp).
    • GPS Coordinates: L 40o 25.450' N    Lo 74o 28.670' W
    • Mapquest street map

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Launching considerations / restrictions:: 

There are no fees or time restriction (you often see a few fisherman's trailer in the middle of the night). Electric motors only. PFD's required, though there is rarely anyone of authority to check this.

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Driving Directions: 
  • From North

    • New Jersey Turnpike South to exit 9 (New Brunswick, East Brunswick, US-1, SR-18).
    • After tolls, follow to SR-18 North to US-1 South.
    • Take US-1 South approx 1.5 miles to exit for SR-171 South/US-130 South.
    • Follow US-130 South approx 1.5 miles to third traffic light (Washington Place).
    • LEFT on Washington Place.
    • Follow directions from ** below.
  • From South
    • New Jersey Turnpike North to exit 8A (Jamesburg, US-130).
    • After tolls, make right and follow SR-32 1 mile to US-130 North.
    • Follow US-130 North approx 7 miles to traffic light (Washington Place).
    • RIGHT on Washington Place.
    • ** Continue on Washington Place over bridge which crosses Farrington Lake.
    • Parking area is immediately over the bridge on left side. Dirt parking area.
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Parking is limited. There is generally more available parking at Church lane where less fisherman with trailers go. See alternate putin below.
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Trash Receptacle