Chesapeake Kayak and Prospector Range Builds

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Tom in Cream Ridge
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Chesapeake Kayak and Prospector Range Builds

Hello All,

I have built a Chesapeake Kayak from a kit and a cove & bead Prospector Ranger 15' canoe from a 'kit'. The canoe kit was pre-cut strips and cnc cut station molds purchased from Noah’s Marine. The canoe was built as a gift for my son's 35th birthday this spring.

Please see my Photobucket slideshows.

The canoe build:

The canoe launch:

My kayak:




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Tom, Congrats on building these boats, both are absolutely stunning and I'm sure a lot of effort and skill went into their creation.  I love wooden boats and I'm always mesmerized staring at the intricate lines and woodgrains in-person when I see wooden boats on the water....  The canoe is absolutely gorgeous and your son is very lucky to have a Dad make him that boat as a birthday gift.  You should be very proud, as I'm sure you are, since I can't imagine the feeling of paddling a boat you built yourself.  Not to mention in a world of dayglo plastic boats its always so refreshing to see the beauty of wood out there on the water where it belongs.  Thanks for sharing these photos.  :)