Cape May Circumnavigation 2016

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Cape May Circumnavigation 2016

So 14 paddlers joined together yesterday at Douglass Park in Cape May to embark on the annual Cape May Circumnavigation. It was a beautiful day, mild winds, blue skies. The launch was smooth (except for me, I brought a new boat and forgot to properly set the footpegs!) and no ferry to deal with so off we went towards the point. The rips were there as always, but this year were not too extensive. We were soon beyond them and into that leg of the paddle focusing on the views (lots of grand ladies on the shore, tourist pleasure boat antics and searching for dolphins). We noted that the water was beautifully blue and amazingly clear. After some time as we approached the inlet, we were indeed visited by a lone dolphin who surfaced twice very close to Doug. We were lucky in that boat traffic was fairly light being a weekday, so managing the inlet was smooth. We passed the Lobster House, with lots of folks enjoying the venue, so some of us couldn’t resist showing off with a roll or two, but alas, no beer was in the offing. Moving along thru the channel and into the canal, a good wind cropped up to cool us off but also added some resistance. At the end of the canal the group handled the crossing well with both ferries present in the port, and returned back to the launch. After a quick pack up, everyone enjoyed a post paddle reverie at Harpoon Harry’s. A good day enjoyed with great company!

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